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Your time,' she said finally. * Deanna had lost track of the number of days, weeks, months, she'd been held at this facility. For the first week she had been confined to this basic white room. The sensory deprivation would have driven her truly insane had it not been for her frequent contacts with Scott, who visited her, either as an ethereal presence or seeming to be more real. She thought the drugs they gave her actually helped her state of consciousness to merge with his. Of course, she was not the only inmate in this place to claim contact with a loved one. The only difference being that Scott was still alive. He had found a way to contact her that transcended the limitations of time and space. He told her how it was all so different now – the way the future is, the passing of time. Nothing was inevitable if you could see what would become and knew how to change it. Scott was on his way back, he assured her. She had tried to tell anyone she could; just hoping the message would get out. Light years away – could he ever make it back alone? But what was even worse than a reaction of scepticism or incredulity had been the way they thought they could humour her, as if she were truly delusional. Every time Doctor Heigener visited her she felt a sense of unease. This time was no different, except he was on his own; no nurse ready with a sedative if she became unruly. He carried some strange device, arch-curved titanium to a green glowing point. Oh, how she regretted telling him about her meetings buy youtube views with Scott. It was just that the google drugs seemed to loosen her tongue. 'Is he with us currently?' Heigener asked in a measured tone that was meant to sound like earnestness. 'He is not,' Deanna answered with equally faux earnestness. 'Can you summon him?' 'No. He comes to me when he chooses.' 'Deanna, this is important. I need to know how you are able to be in contact with him.' 'You want to know what goes on in my head when you think I am hallucinating buy youtube views him.' 'I want to verify that you are not hallucinating when you're in contact with him.' 'I am sorry, buy youtube views doctor, but I can't help you.' 'I want to help you, Deanna.' He smiled beseechingly, in a slightly creepy way. He then lumbered towards her, the device in hand. 'Please. Summon him.' 'No,' she protested. 'Then there's nothing I can do for you. You'll remain here. My report will state that I can find no grounds for your claims, or any prospect for rehabilitation.' Deanna knew he wasn't bluffing with his last statement. 'I will try,' she said eventually. There had been a couple of times when Scott appeared to her when she called him, but she wasn't going to let on to Dr Heigener youtube – and become like some performing monkey for the psychiatrist. Nevertheless she tried to summon him, sending out strong thoughts while youtube Heigener primed his scanning device. For a while there buy youtube views was nothing. She wondered if Scott suspected some kind of entrapment until, after about a minute, she became aware of Scott's distant ethereal voice. 'Deanna, my love, I am trying to reach you. You are so faint to me.' She could see him now – as the room faded – shrouded buy youtube views in mist, or perhaps it was a nebular. There were stars around him, and he was floating amongst them – with just his normal clothes. 'They don't